Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RockMake Street Festival August 23, 2009

Last Sunday there was a great street festival on Treat Avenue, between 17th and 18th. It was the second annual RockMake festival. There are two stages, one at each end of the street and all kinds of local bands play all afternoon, rotating from one stage to another. In between are the arts and crafts booths.

The weather was great and everyone had a fun time. The Gallery was open and we got lots of foot traffic. Zabrina Tipton's San Francisco night photography was very popular, as were our featured artist made handbags and glassware.

It was a perfect August Sunday!

Here is a shot down the street:
Here is a shot across the street towards the Gallery. Someone was doing acrobatics in the street:

And here is a guy standing in the Gallery doorway listening to the music who had very "interesting" hair: