Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Marin Art Festival June 19-20, 2010

Kathleen McMahon Fine Art will be participating in this year's Marin Art Festival at the Marin Civic Center. Find us in booth #87!

June 19-20 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Over 250 fine artists in a spectacular setting by the Lagoon in the Marin Civic Center, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, fifteen minutes North of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Festival foods range from Louisiana gumbo and crawfish, Greek salads, South Western chicken breast sandwiches, fresh crabcake, grilled oysters and French pasteries.

* Stroll through spacious pavilions.
* View & visit with Phyllis Thelen, the 2010 Marin Master.
* Meet with the artists and talk about their work.
* Entertainment Schedule
* Check out our Chance to Dance Showcase: Hula to Hip Hop.
* Enjoy sit down dining with a team of student waiters.
* Sample fine wines and brews.

More information and directions at http://www.marinartfestival.com/

Free entrance pass at http://www.marinartfestival.com/updatedocs/guestpass.html

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Open Studios 2009 Weekend

Fall Open Studios came and went this past weekend. We had a reception party Friday night and then Open Studios ran Saturday and Sunday. We enjoyed everyone stopping by to see the current exhibit called, "Spirit Boats". We sold some work and made some great contacts. Our warm spiced mulled wine was a hit!

Here are just a couple of photos from the weekend:

One of Jennifer Ewing's Spirit Boats painting. She also had Spirit Boat sculptures hanging from the ceiling which everyone enjoyed.

Here is a shot of Elizabeth Stahl's work which had a San Francisco waterscape theme. Most comments were of her Sutro Baths #2 painting which had a great complementary tone for the exhibit.

Margo Mullen standing by her Monterey Bay encaustics which have gold paint of spirit boats and other marine figures (including one titled, "Wasted Seamonster"). Her wedges were very popular.

Some of the work is available via the website or stop in the gallery or email us if you see something you might be interested in!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Spirit Boats" Exhibit October-December, 2009

"Spirit Boats"

Kathleen McMahon Fine Art Gallery is hosting an exhibit featuring the new works of three local artists.

Jennifer Ewing is displaying some of her large collection of sculptural Spirit Boats, made from various mixed media materials. Margo Mullen will be showing encaustic beeswax paintings inspired by the Monterey Bay area. Elizabeth Stahl paints in oil and acrylic and will be showing work from her San Francisco seascapes and water series.

There are many affordable pieces in this exhibit and a perfect opportunity for new collectors to have a stunning piece of original artwork in their home or work environment. The exhibit runs from October 9th through the end of December.

There will be an artist reception October 9th, 5-9 pm. This is also the preview night for Fall Open Studios, where 8 artist building collectives in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco will open their doors to the public. Most are within walking distance from each other. Fall Open Studios in the Mission continues Saturday and Sunday (Oct 10-11) 11-5 pm. It's a great time to come see what artists are working on! A map is available on our website under Current Events.

Kathleen McMahon Fine Art is located at 3150 18th Street in the Mission, but the actual gallery is on Treat Avenue, Suite 105 (street level), between 17th and 18th and between Folsom and Harrison.

For more information, see kathleenmcmahonfineart.com

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RockMake Street Festival August 23, 2009

Last Sunday there was a great street festival on Treat Avenue, between 17th and 18th. It was the second annual RockMake festival. There are two stages, one at each end of the street and all kinds of local bands play all afternoon, rotating from one stage to another. In between are the arts and crafts booths.

The weather was great and everyone had a fun time. The Gallery was open and we got lots of foot traffic. Zabrina Tipton's San Francisco night photography was very popular, as were our featured artist made handbags and glassware.

It was a perfect August Sunday!

Here is a shot down the street:
Here is a shot across the street towards the Gallery. Someone was doing acrobatics in the street:

And here is a guy standing in the Gallery doorway listening to the music who had very "interesting" hair:

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Encaustics By Margo Mullen

Margo Mullen has brought in 11 new encaustic paintings to show at the KMFA Gallery during the month of May. These both are very popular series and well priced for the new collector. There are also a variety of sizes to fit small and medium spaces. Several are diptychs but can also be purchased separately.

Come in to the gallery and see more!

And we will have them on the gallery website as soon as we photograph and document all the new work. Work can be purchased directly from the website.

From Margo Mullen's Growing Almond series.

From Margo Mullen's Asilomar series.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Open Studios 2009 in the Mission

We had a successful Artist Reception this past Friday night, April 24th and then great Spring Open Studios weekend in the Mission. With over 8 artist collective buildings all pretty much within walking distance, the Mission is really emerging as a great arts district. One blogger online said the Mission is still the place to see unexpected quality contemporary (and edgier) art work.

I have to say the edgiest thing I saw this weekend in the Mission was one artist who had a large dark foreboding industrial landscape painting that had what looked like a river of blood - only to find out the artist HAD mixed real menstrual blood with her paint. Get the HAZMAT team! But it sure stuck with me! And that is one of the great roles of fine art.

Both the featured artists in our gallery, Margo Mullen and Elizabeth Stahl, sold at the reception and it looked like everyone had a good time. They brought in new work to replace what was sold so be sure and stop by the gallery to see the latest!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April 2009 "New Works" Exhibit

The April exhibit at the Gallery features the new works of two artists - oil and acrylic paintings of Elizabeth Stahl and encaustic beeswax paintings of Margo Mullen.

The artists reception is April 24th, Friday 5-9 pm, which is also the same night as many preview receptions in the Mission district neighborhood for Spring Open Studios (which also is Saturday and Sunday 11-5 pm). There are over 7 artist collective buildings participating in Spring Open Studios, all pretty much within walking distance. We'll post a map that will be available in a separate blog post.

Stop by Friday night at our Gallery, for our April exhibit reception!

Here is a link that previews some samples of the work on display:

Exhibit Preview

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

San Francisco Maker's Market 03/28/09

We had some art from the gallery (from the current Octopi Collective exhibit) at the new burgeoning Maker's Market up on the second floor open courtyard this past Saturday. It is an event that has just begun and trying to get its feet off the ground. It will be held every Saturday 1-4 pm, at 3150 18th Street @ Treat Avenue.

The weather was gorgeous - almost too gorgeous. It's still small but I expect will improve as the weather continues to get nicer and more people come to know about it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Octopi Collective Artists Reception Photos

We had a lovely reception for the Octopi Collective exhibit on display through the end of March.

While the rain threatened all day, we had just periodic episodes of sprinkling, enough for us to pull the food table under the awning, but otherwise not too bad.

It was great to have the group of artist from Monterey come up, we sold some things, and everyone ate (particularly Margo's homemade cookies!) and drank.

You can still come see the show for a little bit longer, so stop in!

Here are some photos of some of the exhibit and from the reception.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Octopi Collective Artists Reception

The Octopi Collective, an artist organization from the Monterey Bay area is having a 'hang out with the artists' reception for their art exhibit Saturday, March 21st 1-4 pm, at the Kathleen McMahon Fine Art Gallery, located at 3150 18th Street, San Francisco (actually on Treat Avenue between 17th & 18th and between Folsom and Harrison streets). Easy parking on the weekend!

Artists exhibiting in the gallery are: Nic Coury (photography), J.R. Uretsky (mixed media sculpture), Kelly Watson (fabric and gel medium paintings), Margo Mullen (beeswax encaustic paintings and watercolors), and Paul Van de Carr (graphite and ink on paper).

Come visit!

Here is an example of a piece that has already sold from the show. It is an encaustic beeswax painting by Margo Mullen titled, "Asilomar I".

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Live Worms Gallery Show February 2009

I just completed participation in a group show at the Live Worms Gallery in North Beach, in San Francisco, CA.

It was interesting to show in North Beach. Many of the locals know each other - it almost had a small town within a city feel to it. And I really liked that so many people really seem to appreciate art and took lots of time looking at each and every piece in the show, and didn't just breeze through.

The reception was Friday night and it was jammed all night. All kinds of interesting and colorful people. The most common comment heard all night was that many locals thought it was the best show there yet. It was a real great reception.

Saturday also was the Chinese New Years parade day (and the gallery was just a block from where streets of booths were and where the parade route was on Grant Street). It stopped raining so we got a lot of foot traffic throughout the day on Saturday.

I showed 10 encaustic pieces. People are still quite unfamiliar with the media so I was doing a lot of educating, which was great. The more people learn about encaustic painting, the more people will become comfortable collecting it.

The photo below is my section of the show and the other photos are some of the other work included in the exhibit.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Open Studios 2008 Mission

We had a very successful Fall Open Studios at 18th and Treat Streets last weekend. Not only was it Open Studios throughout all the art collectives in the Mission neighborhood (and there are many now, which is super great), but it was also the building launch party so everyone chipped in for food and lots of wine and a DJ. There were also videos playing on a large screen on the wall in the open space area of the second floor.

We met a ton of great people - every time the building has a large event like this, so many more people in the city find out that we're here and there is lots happening in this new building!

Unfortunately, I was so busy with the event, I did a horrible job getting photos, so I only got one of part of the gallery before the event started and the second photo is just a shot towards the end of the weekend, as the crowd was thinning out upstairs on the second floor pavilion.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open Studios 2008 at Fort Mason

I have done Open Studios for years at Fort Mason, but this was the first year I had the opportunity to also market the gallery. I showed my own work (encaustics and some oil paintings) but also got to show some things from the gallery and give out gallery postcards and invite people to the Artist Reception coming up this Friday.

We typically have our Open Studios at Fort Mason the same weekend the beer fest is also down there so I've grown accustomed to slightly inebriated art lovers, but this year it was Fleet Week, with tons of people in the Marina for picnicing, partying and watching the Blue Angels. It was great weather and yet another great day in San Francisco. I love living here.

I shared a room with 4 other artists and this was my corner of the room to show some encaustics on the wall, mini oil paintings on the table, greetingcards and so forth. I was pleased that so many more people found out about the gallery during the weekend.

A little fair being set up in the parking lot next to our building. They had live music and rides for kids and food vendors.

The Blue Angels, one flying upside down and one not.

Beautiful clear skies and the Blue Angels flying all close together.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Castro Street Fair October 2008

Our gallery shared a booth at the Castro Street Fair this past Sunday, October 5th. As you can see from the photos below, it was a lovely sunny and warm day and everyone in the Castro was out for a good time. Of course, we had to put some torso's and muscle men paintings on display [smile].

We did really well and met so many nice and colorful people. It's a lot of work to set up the tent and the display (and then take it all down at the end of a looong day) but we had such a great time that it was all very worth while. We were so happy that people were still appreciating art in these tough economic times.

Here's to balloons and rainbow colors and happy friendly crowds of people out enjoying a classic San Francisco event!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Street Fair on Treat Avenue August 24, 2008

There was a very successful street fair this past Sunday, the first real big event at 18th Street & Treat, where the Gallery is located. It was hosted by Helen Fawcett, who has a fabric store just several doors down from the Gallery on Treat Avenue.

There were over 12 local independent bands playing at both ends of the block, over 50 arts and crafts booths in between, and lots and lots of visitors having a glorious day in the warm sun.

One of the goals of the event was to just get the word out that we are here and it was really successful for that. I'd estimate between 3,000 - 4,000 people came to visit and listen to the music and visit the booths and storefronts (including our Gallery!).

It was so successful, they have decided to do an event similar to this once a year.

Below are some pics I took throughout the day.

Here is a shot looking down the street:

This photo is towards the front window of the Gallery:

Here are some shoppers in front of the Gallery:

A great crowd outside the front door of the Gallery enjoying the music:

The next event the Gallery is involved with will be our next "Second Thursday" Open House (we just started these last month) on September 11th, 5-7 pm.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Opening Art Reception for "Water is Gold" August 14, 2008

We had a very successful opening reception for our current exhibit entitled, "Water is Gold", which will be on display through September 30, 2008. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed the food and wine and got to experience lots of great art. There were lots of wonderful comments about this show and it is always so terrific to see the artists interacting with the visitors who want to know more about their work. I think that is a really special time for art collectors.

Our reception was also part of a larger "Second Thursday" open house in our building and its been great as more and more people find out about our new building and all the great things going on at this unexpected location. This was our first "Second Thursday" Art Night & Open House and we hope to be doing these every second Thursday of the month (although, for our gallery, an opening reception for a new exhibit occurs every other month, we are certainly going to be doing an Open House every month).

Next big event is Sunday August 24th, when Treat Avenue will be closed off for a block party (11 am - 4 pm) that will include more than 12 local independent bands and lots of arts & crafts booths and of course the gallery will be open throughout the event.

If you are local, feel free to stop in and see the new exhibit, and if you are not able to come to 18th & Treat Avenue, you can always see the art work online at the gallery website.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Art & Estate Sale Sunday August 3rd

The Gallery will be participating in an Art & Estate sale this Sunday, August 3, from 11:00 - 4:00 pm. The sale will be on Treat Avenue in the Mission district, between 17th and 18th and between Folsom and Harrison.

There will be lots of very high-quality items, not at all like a flea market thing - more like our own little Antiques Roadshow with some great art available as well.

If you are local, stop by! If you are not local, you can check out the latest art at kathleenmcmahonfineart.com

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gotta Watch Those Scammers

Received an email today:

Hello Kathleen McMahon,

I came across your ad on the Ad site and as a personal shopper for different people

i have an order for this product which you want to sell and i would love to email pics of this product over to my client to view and see if it suits his interest and do let me know what your best selling price would be .

Have a Great day as i wait in anticipation to hearing back from you so as to get it

done with this transaction.

Melissa Wealth

Not bad for an introductory scam email. The exact name of the art piece and the price was in the subject line. She (or he - one never knows the gender of who writes these things) took the time to go through our website and get those two pieces of information. I usually look for gross misspellings, asking for the price when the price is already stated, some indication that they live in one country but are currently located in another, and the use of their own shipping company, and that famous I'll send a check for more than amount and you just send the difference back with the art (I suppose those things would have come up if I had actually written back).

All it took was me googling her/his email address and I quickly saw other scam posts with the same email and name. Her/His IP number was out of Miami, Arizona and yet her/his phone number was Seattle area code. That would have been a second indicator, but I already had enough information to ignore this email.

Gotta watch out for those scammers....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Opening Art Reception for "Patterns" June 7, 2008

Our gallery held an Open House reception for the new exhibit, "Patterns", running June through July. The Open House was from 1-4 pm and it was a lovely warm, sunny classic San Francisco day.

Some comments I've heard on the new exhibit seem to cause people to think about food, though the artwork is not related to food. One person said Sue Averell's piece, "Reality Skewed" - a cityscape, made her want to eat chocolate. Interesting! Several people have commented that Cari Hernandez's floral beeswax sculptural paintings looked 'yummy enough to eat'. They do!

One collector eyed Sherry Miller's "First African Quilt" and could not get over how cool it looked to him. 'Stunning', he said for the fourth time to me. Margaret Tcheng Ware's, "Reflections" piece has been drawing admiration for its amazing colors and calm quiet tones. Elizabeth Stahl's "Palace of Fine Arts #11" brilliant colors and the strong shadow lines of her "Alta Plaza Park #1" piece has drawn several admirers. Nancy Federice's large "The Relationship" and her "Red #2" made its first gallery debut to a great response. Many people commented on the strong lovely colors in Michie Wong's "Dahlia" photographic piece. I overheard people looking at Michie's "Velvet Fire" photograph, a macro image of a plant showing the patterns, quizzing each other as to trying to guess what it was. And Idell Weiss always draws admiring comments on her California landscapes, of which 3 are featured in this exhibit showing the patterns in nature.

Here are photos of a couple of spots on the wall of the exhibit:

If you didn't have a chance to stop by the reception, please do visit the gallery to check out the exhibit now through the end of July!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Art Exhibit Opening Reception: April 25, 2008

April 25th launched the weekend of Open Studios throughout the Mission district with over 7 different artist collective buildings participating, including ActivSpace - the building where our gallery is located.

Friday night we hosted an opening exhibit reception for our current exhibit, "A Room With A View" (the exhibit runs through the end of May), and we were so pleased to meet so many people, have many of the artist attend to speak with guests and there was a great festive atmosphere and everyone had a great time and got to see some great art.

We continued Open Studios weekend yesterday, with an amazingly sunny and actually hot day - everyone was walking around, in a great mood, and enjoying the warm weather and art. It is a wonderful combination and it could not have been a better weekend for this event. Open Studios continues through today (and another brilliant sunny and hot day is on tap).

Here are a couple of photos from our Friday night reception.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Open Studios April 25-27, 2008

We will be participating in the Mission district Spring Open Studios event, being held next weekend: Friday April 25 (7-9 pm, the preview reception night), and Saturday and Sunday April 26-27 (11-5 pm).

There are at least 7 artist collective buildings in the Mission that will be open next weekend, full of interesting art. Our building, called ActivSpace, is the newest addition to the neighborhood.

We can be found at 3150 18th Street (which is really odd because the front door and all the mail boxes are actually on Treat Street - I'm not sure what the post office was thinking...) between Folsom and Harrison (Treat Street is located between 17th and 18th and is a one way street to be entered from 17th by car). By bus, both the 24 Mission and the 22 Fillmore bus lines run very nearby.

Our individual art space is number 105 right along the street front. The exhibit we are currently showing is called "A Room With a View" (which runs through the end of May) and we are offering special discounts from our website (kathleenmcmahonfineart.com) just until the end of Open Studios weekend. Plus we'll have things that weekend not shown on the website.

Even though many artist tenants are still moving into their spaces in our brand new building (5 floors of studios!) there are *plenty* of artists all ready to show their wares next weekend. And the other collectives have been doing this event for years.

We are looking forward to a great weekend of meeting lots of great people!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Clay Art Burnished and Pit-Fired Pottery Vessels

We are so pleased to be representing the fine work of local artist, Judy Hummell.

Judy creates clay art burnished and pit-fired pottery vessels. They are really quite stunning. U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein from San Francisco purchased one. The swirls in each pot are very complex and distinctive, and the surface is so smooth and shiny - it makes you want to kind of rub it like a magic lantern or something.

Of course given that very smooth and shiny and curvy surface, it was about near impossible to take digital photos of her pieces that would really do them justice. She tells me even professional photographers have turn her down because they felt the work was too difficult to photograph. But in person, they are just gorgeous!

Here are her own comments on her process and below her comments are a couple of sample photos of her pieces:

My pots are hand-built using the method of coiling and a low-fire red clay called Navajo Wheel. Coiling is a slow process, but I find it enjoyable, rolling out the coils, attaching one coil at a time, smoothing and shaping the growing walls of the pot as I go along. During the drying process, I burnish the pots several times with a smooth stone in order to achieve a high polish. No glaze is used. When the pots are completely dry, they are bisque-fired in an electric kiln to about 1500 F. Since they are fired at this low temperature, my pots will not hold water. Next the pots are taken to the beach and a pit is dug in the sand. Sawdust is put into the pit and the pots are placed in the sawdust. Black results wherever the pot touches the sawdust. Copper carbonate and sea salt sprinkled in the sawdust around the pots create variations in color, especially reds. I most often use wood scraps as fuel, but sometimes I use cow dung, or both wood and dung. When the fire has died down I cover the pit with sheet metal so that the pots will cool slowly and not crack. The firing usually lasts all day. The most exciting time is of course at the end of the day when the pots are cool enough to remove from the pit. No two pots emerge from the fire alike; each is unique and the results are always a surprise.

A light coat of carnauba wax is applied to the pots to bring out the colors and to finish them.

The photos below are not professional. They are just a best attempt with a digital camera. You can see more of Judy's work at http://www.kathleenmcmahonfineart.com/artists/judy_hummell/.