Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gotta Watch Those Scammers

Received an email today:

Hello Kathleen McMahon,

I came across your ad on the Ad site and as a personal shopper for different people

i have an order for this product which you want to sell and i would love to email pics of this product over to my client to view and see if it suits his interest and do let me know what your best selling price would be .

Have a Great day as i wait in anticipation to hearing back from you so as to get it

done with this transaction.

Melissa Wealth

Not bad for an introductory scam email. The exact name of the art piece and the price was in the subject line. She (or he - one never knows the gender of who writes these things) took the time to go through our website and get those two pieces of information. I usually look for gross misspellings, asking for the price when the price is already stated, some indication that they live in one country but are currently located in another, and the use of their own shipping company, and that famous I'll send a check for more than amount and you just send the difference back with the art (I suppose those things would have come up if I had actually written back).

All it took was me googling her/his email address and I quickly saw other scam posts with the same email and name. Her/His IP number was out of Miami, Arizona and yet her/his phone number was Seattle area code. That would have been a second indicator, but I already had enough information to ignore this email.

Gotta watch out for those scammers....

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