Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Open Studios 2009 Weekend

Fall Open Studios came and went this past weekend. We had a reception party Friday night and then Open Studios ran Saturday and Sunday. We enjoyed everyone stopping by to see the current exhibit called, "Spirit Boats". We sold some work and made some great contacts. Our warm spiced mulled wine was a hit!

Here are just a couple of photos from the weekend:

One of Jennifer Ewing's Spirit Boats painting. She also had Spirit Boat sculptures hanging from the ceiling which everyone enjoyed.

Here is a shot of Elizabeth Stahl's work which had a San Francisco waterscape theme. Most comments were of her Sutro Baths #2 painting which had a great complementary tone for the exhibit.

Margo Mullen standing by her Monterey Bay encaustics which have gold paint of spirit boats and other marine figures (including one titled, "Wasted Seamonster"). Her wedges were very popular.

Some of the work is available via the website or stop in the gallery or email us if you see something you might be interested in!

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