Thursday, October 23, 2008

Open Studios 2008 Mission

We had a very successful Fall Open Studios at 18th and Treat Streets last weekend. Not only was it Open Studios throughout all the art collectives in the Mission neighborhood (and there are many now, which is super great), but it was also the building launch party so everyone chipped in for food and lots of wine and a DJ. There were also videos playing on a large screen on the wall in the open space area of the second floor.

We met a ton of great people - every time the building has a large event like this, so many more people in the city find out that we're here and there is lots happening in this new building!

Unfortunately, I was so busy with the event, I did a horrible job getting photos, so I only got one of part of the gallery before the event started and the second photo is just a shot towards the end of the weekend, as the crowd was thinning out upstairs on the second floor pavilion.

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